​​​​​​​​​​List of Performances by Venue

Caras Park:

June 2009 (Missoula Summer Carnival)

2011 (Missoula Summer Carnival)

October 2015  (Zoofest)

Crystal Theater:

Sept. 2011 (with Manimou Camara)

Nov. 2012 (All Our Ancestors with Manimou Camara and Mamady Mansare)

Aug. 2013 (Fringe Festival)

Nov. 2013 (Cabaret Follicular by Craig Menteer)

2014 (Cairo to Capetown show)

C.S. Porter Middle School:

March 2011 (African Choir Concert with Saxon Inabit)

March 2012 (African Choir Concert with Saxon Inabit)

Day of the Dead / Pre-Parade @ XXX's:

Nov. 2010 (with Jeanne Christopherson)

Nov. 2010 (with Manimou Camara)

Nov 2012 (with Manimou Camara and Mamady Mansare)

Dennison Theater:

World Rhythms Festival with Dr. Bob Ledbetter and university students :

Feb. 2009 (with Idrissa Gueye)

Feb. 2011 (with Abdoul Dumbia and Djeneba Sato)

Feb. 2013 (with Idrissa and N'deye Gueye)

Apr. 2015 (with Edi Gbordzi)

May 2017 (with Manimou Camara and Oumar Keita)

Feb. 2019, with Manimou Camara and Oumar Keita

First Night 2018 with Oumar Keita

​Downtown Dance Collective:

June 2010 (with Sekou Soumah)

Aug. 2011 (Maasai Water Project Fundraiser)

April 2013 (Kids Vibrations with Matthew Nord of Tangled Tones)

Draught Works:

Feb. 2015

July 2015

​March 2016

November 2016

July, 2019


Nov. 2013 (Maasai Water Project, led by Doreen Stokes)

Missoula Community Theater

December 2016 (First Night Missoula)

First Friday in Downtown Missoula

​June 2012

June 2014

June 2016

Girl's Way

June 2013 (with Matthew Nord of Tangled Tones)

Hellgate High School:

April 2016 (CREATE Missoula)

ITV MT Fundraiser:

Nov. 2013 (Stensrud Building)

​March 2016 (Missoula Bone and Joint)

Lewis and Clark Elementary School:

Apr. 2010

Love Your Mother Earth Festival:

June 2010

Missoula International School:

Nov. 2013 (Day of the Dead Festivities)

Missoula Senior Center:

Jan. 2015 (Kids Vibrations with Matthew Nord)


May 2014 (Riverside Health Care Center)

Oct. 2014 (The Village Health Care Center)

​Feb. 2017 (Rosetta Assisted Living)

Open Aid Alliance Rockin' Race:

Oct 2012

Aug. 2013

Retirement Homes:

2009 (The Village Senior Residence)

2010 (The Village Senior Residence)

River City Roots Festival:

Aug. 2011

Aug. 2012 (with Augusten Chigamba)

Aug 2013

Sunday Streets Missoula:

June 2011

June 2012

June 2013

Top Hat:

Nov. 2010 (with Drum Brothers and Manimou Camara)

May 2014 (Family Friendly Friday with Manimou Camara)

May 2015 (Family Friendly Friday with Manimou Camara, Mamady Mansare and Sarah Lee Parker Mansare)

Family Friendly Friday, February 2017

Family Friendly Friday, March 2018

Family Friendly Friday, November, 2018

Family Friendly Friday, March, 2019

Family Friendly Friday, July, 2019

Family Friendly Friday, Nov. 1, 2019

University Villages:

Feb. 2013 (Spontaneous Music for Children)

University Campus – The Oval:

April 2013 (Relay for Life Fundraiser)

Washington Middle School:

March 2013 (African Choir Concert with Saxon Inabit)

March 2014 (African Choir Concert with Saxon Inabit)

March 2015 (African Choir Concert with Saxon Inabit)

March 2017 (African Choir Concert with Saxon Inabit)

March 2018 (African Choir Concert with Saxon Inabit)

​Wilma Theater:

Feb. 2014 ("Off the Rack" Blue Mountain Clinic Fundraiser)