About Djebe Bara
Djebe Bara Community Dance and Drum explores African dance, drum, music and song from a variety of traditions including, but not exclusive to, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Djebe Bara's Community Dance classes are offered every Thursday from 6-7:00 p.m. in the Barn Movement Studio, located at 2926 South 3rd St. West, for $5. The dance classes have live drumming and a variety of dance teachers in an informal setting that encourages self-expression, voice, and participation. All levels of dancers are welcome. Djebe Bara, created in 2008 by Missoula community members, strives to create a welcoming and friendly space for those interested in African dance and drum culture, to share and expand knowledge, support individual growth, and work with ideas of communal organization. Djebe Bara also has a performing group that is dedicated to lively and engaging performances in and around Missoula to help raise funds in order to bring professional teachers to Missoula.

For more information contact: djebecommunity@gmail.com
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Djebe Bara Mission

Through classes, performances and workshops we provide opportunities to participate and appreciate African musical arts in Missoula.

Djebe Bara Vision

We envision a community where people participate in joyful celebration through understanding, practice and embodiment of African musical culture.